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Mobile Kitchen 2 (MK2)
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Mobile Kitchen 2 (MK2)

On Twin Axle Trailer


Designed and built specifically to cater for remote events or functions. Our Mobile Kitchens enable your Caterer to prepare and cook on location. This eliminates the need to transport hot food or regenerate food on location. The kitchens are  just what you need to cater for any event! -  sporting events, trade shows, festivals, hospitality shows, concerts, weddings, corporate events and more!


The MK2 is a versatile kitchen - easy to modify depending on the customers equipment needs. This kitchen is a shell with provision to add the equipment of your choice.



  • Internal Front Bench & Overshelf
  • Hand Basin
  • Option to wheel in Extra Equipment to suit your function or event such as Fryers, Ovens & Grills



  • 2 x 80 litre Tanks Underfloor – One Fresh (plus a pump to Increase Water Pressure) and One Gray
  • Spare Wheel


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