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Mobile Kitchen 3 (MK3)
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Mobile Kitchen 3 (MK3)

On Twin Axle Trailer with Removable Sides that can be used as Trestles


Designed and built specifically to cater for remote events or functions. Our Mobile Kitchens enable your Caterer to prepare and cook on location. This eliminates the need to transport hot food or regenerate food on location. The kitchens are  just what you need to cater for any event! -  sporting events, trade shows, festivals, hospitality shows, concerts, weddings, corporate events and more!



  • Waldoff 1200 Quick Recovery Gas Flat Top Grill
  • 4 Burner Gas Hob
  • Gas Fryer (60kg Frozen Chips per Hour) HBO60 Manual



  • Sides fold up full length and can either be used as a Veranda or Menu/Notice Board
  • Spare Wheel
  • Extension Lead, RCD Units etc. Single Phase 32AMP lead supplied (maximum draw off)
  • Can be connected directly to our petrol generator
  • Gas Consumption with all appliances working: 6.2kg per hour



  • 3 Module Bain Marie can be fitted
  • G32 Oven can be used in conjunction 


2 X 18KG Gas Bottles (Short Term Use - 4 - 5 Hours with all appliances working

2 x 27kg Gas Bottles (Heavy Use - up to 8 Hours use)


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